Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday's PED Mini Conference

Though I was only there for the intro part of the mini-conference I still left Park Center with a great sense of eagerness to graduate so that I can begin what I believe would be a lifetime rewarding career as a Phys Ed teacher. Looking at all the faces of all the people that sat there in the gymnasium I knew I was not alone on how I felt about this field. Everyone was gathered there friday morning because they all cared about the preservation of Physical Education as an entity. It is something they feel strongly about, not only because it is their career field, but because they genuinely care about children. The opening of the conference there was a video on a courageous young woman by the name of Katie Lynch who suffered from a rare condition that did not allow her to grow all but 28 inches tall with very close to no ablilty to stand on her feet. From birth she was given just a few days to live because of the severity of her condition, but lived on to later graduate from Regis College with a 4 year degree. With the help of a heroic adaptive Phys Ed instructor Katie trained for months to finally build the physical strength to walk the few steps as the graduation ceremony. It is because of the people in this profession normal movement becomes a reality to other children that are differently abled. It is a passion for people like us to help in all ways to bring physical activity in the lives of all our youths, this is why I LOVE P.E!!!