Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Day of 255 and already having PE game planning!

First day of 255, we were all put to the infamous test!!! We all have had trouble presenting in front of an entire class, imagine how it must have felt being filmed teaching your peers. At first I can admit I was pretty confident, but sooner than I had expected I began feeling a bit jelly kneed as I was runner up to teach a skill from a given sport. From watching the video, I think I pulled it off for the most part, I had great posture I feel, and looked very into what I was trying to convey. But then, I saw one major flaw that may be my handicap, the way my voice projects. Professor Yang had previously mentioned how "great vocal projection" is "key" in gaining attention from your students. In the video, I was able to hear everyone else's voice but my own, I definitely have got some work to do before I can call myself "teacher ready".