Friday, February 6, 2009

Stenographying PE!!!

This week's given assignment was a different technique used by our wise professor. Our stenographer type assignment plays a bit interesting in understanding more on how accurately and consciously we must speak while teaching. Our goal was trying to pin point which bad habits in our speech we can pick up to eventually figure out how can we correct them. Very insightful technique in my opinion because we are able to self-analyse our performance. For the most part I did a whole lot better than I thought, but judging from the words that I typed up, I could have spoken a whole lot more. In the script one will notice that I did not "check for understanding", which is something very important when teaching a new skill. Take a read for yourself, I am sure there will be things missing that I can improve on, if you see any, please leave me a comment in how I can improve. My Script

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Stephen Yang said...

Be sure to Click on "Share" then scroll down to "Publish as a Webpage". Take that code and link it to a word or two.