Sunday, February 15, 2009

B Ballin' in PE

We have recently been given a rubric that determines how much time in our lessons the students are actually engaging in activity. Time coding is a rubric broken off into four catergories, management, activity, instruction, and waiting. Obviously in a physical education class, the more activity students are able to engage in, then the more successful the class is. Just like any good professional athlete, we are encouraged to view videos of our performances to further analyze. After viewing my performance and grading it based on our assigned rubric, I scored a 2 of 5 in total score. I will use this result to keep on striving for improvement.

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Freddy said...

Nice job Efrain! You need to highlight a word in your blog and paste the link to your time coding to that word. Once you do that, delete the link at the bottom of your post. Your grade will be adjusted accordingly. 8/10