Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee, Catch The Fever!!!

Our "Lab B" topic was Ultimate Frisbee. If you haven't played, my question to you is why the heck not done so already!? I must say it is one of the most fun games existing today. It can be played anywhere, a beach, backyard, or even a gymnasium like we did. I was teaching the 3vs3 defensive aspect of the game. Many people theorize, offense fills the seats, but defense wins championships and I couldn't agree more. I felt passionate about teaching the components of defensive stances and strategies. It showed as I stressed proper use of techniques of "good defense", in my transcript. Though I stressed importance of technique, I did not stress components of safety, nor did I give enough individual corrective feedback. Thankfully, I have two more shots at improving my teaching performance and try to hit all aspects of a successful lesson.  

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