Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Resurgence in Lab C!!!

In my first attempt in Lab C, I'd say I pretty much bombed the entire lesson. I was responsible for the intro part of mine and Ricky Miano's lesson, but could not remember the rules to my instant activity! I eventually received the opportunity to redeem myself in teaching the second portion last Monday afternoon. I started off well, scaffold off of Ricky's intro and everything was running smoothly, at least for what I thought. During my lesson, I was tested by our highly insightful TA's(Teacher Assistant); as they organized a scenario in which students inconspicuously snuck out of the classroom, in hopes of catching my attention, testing my alertness I must have while teaching. I was able to deter one student from losing my sights as I made a conscious effort to keep watch of his doings, but eventually six students exited my classroom right under my nose. I admit, I could have paid more attention to the class roster number to have prevented such a large act of delinquency. For the most part I think my lesson was solid aside from the slight snooze, I was swift in teaching my students the desired skills of the activity and was energetic about it as well. I would say see for yourself, but unfortunately I was not recorded, just take my word for it until next time!

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