Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dancing @ ARC


My community service was more non conventional then anything as I led dance lessons, alongside fellow Classmate Melissa Fromm. We led dozens of dances in the hours we have collected in our visits at the Madison ARC of Cortland, a home for individuals with developmental disabilities. We made many various accommodations while lesson planning that was necessary such as using poly spots to direct where the next dance step is directed, and sequenced arm movements that would subsidize for an inability to use legs for the individuals that were designated to wheelchairs. To make it even more interesting for the individuals we were teachings dance to, we often asked what songs and dances they would like to learn and prepared both before the days of the visit(intra-task). It was a wonderful experience, providing these individuals with laughter and joy from the attention we gave them. We made friendships and left a lasting impact on them in my opinion. This experience actually is the reason for my decision in making "adaptive PE" my concentration of study, not for marketability but to make in impact in many more lives of the differently abled. 

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