Saturday, May 9, 2009

Final Part 1

After visiting the websites posted and the many links that followed, we were asked questions based on what we had read and saw in the videos that came about. The web site takes us to Canada, located in North America right about the Northern borders of good old USA. The location of the website is also from Canada. If I were asked to locate Canada on the map I would hope to be able to do so. After watching the video, the topic struck me as interesting, as how correlations have been found between physical activity and learning. As a Physical Education major, reading and seeing that people are now taking an account associating active lifestyles with enhancing an adolescents ability to learn. The PE teacher was not involved in the experiment due to the fact that all the physical activity took place in the classroom, with the teacher. The children performed twenty minutes of cardio, before they started the actual lesson. Results of the study have shown that roughly 15 minutes or more breaks from the classroom will better the students grades. This theory results from the way they were stimulating their brains and keeping the impulses continuous throughout the day, ultimately allowing them to say focused when it came time to learn. The outcomes relate to the NYS standards, but they are just as different from them. They are similar in the sense that they want every student to be active and develop healthy lifestyles without really concerning what students skill levels are. As long as students are competent in a specific skill and can base that on what activities are performed. The teachers do not look as much in to the cognitive and affective goal and objectives as PE teachers do. 


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