Monday, December 8, 2008

They were not going to go without KICKIN' And BOUNCIN'

Interesting title I have there right? Well folks, do not be alarmed because no kids were injured during this lab day. We went over the basics of kicking a soccer ball and dribbling a basketball. I was really proud of this lab day because I constructed and led the drills that the children were following. It was a competitive day as we were assigned the 2nd to 5th graders. I set up a station that not only requires one to dribble as they go through the obstacle, but also there was a big kick finish in which I was the GOALIE! I talked so much trash urging the students to kick passed me, but from the end results I should have kept silent as more than half the shots were in for goals. Do not judge me, eveyone has their off day, so happens it was my turn. 

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