Monday, December 8, 2008

Throw Like Manning...Catch Like Moss!

On this day's lab we took control over the throwing and catching circuit as my group and I set up for a great lab day with the Pre K students once again. They were so much fun to work with because there was non stop laughter between all of us. We went over throwing and catching cue's in order to repeat success. Throwing cue's were such like "non throwing foot leads, throwing elbow up, point with non throwing hand, and reach down for CHANGE". Executing the throwing task was difficult at first, but the students soon picked up on the cue's and began throwing similar to my favorite QB, Eli Manning. Similar to the cue's for throwing, we came up with some for catching. "Palms up, pinkie's touch, and pull in", was our modo for young amateur's. The girl in the picture with me was probably one of the youngest of the class, and she was terrific in both catching and throwing, but of course she's with the :) .

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